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Local Hens® products were designed to showcase you & your hens. Featuring fresh, clean and recognizable branding, these stylish cartons allow you to promote yourself as a local producer of fresh, wholesome foods. Your farm will shine with custom stamps and labels created with fonts and sizes matched perfectly to Local Hens cartons. Pair our professional merchandising products that are designed to draw attention to your eggs with our innovative marketing approach to reach more customers. Join the community where you can create your own Farm Page, complete with news and updates, your stories, pictures and more. Professional Grade Packaging. Simple and clean design. As fresh and wholesome as your eggs.

Professional Grade Packaging.

Simple and clean design.
As fresh and wholesome as your eggs.

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Find the right egg cartons for your farm!

The Egg Carton Store offers a variety of egg selling supplies for local farmers, from cases and cartons to custom labels. Our Local Hens® egg cartons were inspired by small-scale chicken farmers like you, from all across the United States. Local Hens® cartons are pre-printed on recycled paper materials and are available in a variety of sizes. We also offer a No grade/No size option, which contains a scannable UPC label. For additional cartons with UPC labeling, check out this selection. Each of our Local Hens cartons features a nutritional information label, FDA-mandated safe handling instructions and refrigeration warnings, making it perfect for use in stores, farmers markets or egg stands.

Local Egg Seller Resources

The Egg Carton Store is proud to offer promotional and display materials to small farmers at affordable prices, and introduces, a website dedicated to promoting connections between small farms and consumers. While customers are becoming more knowledgeable and dedicated to providing fresh, locally sourced food for their families, it's still hard for producers and consumers to connect, which is where can help. You don't need to pay a fortune for marketing specialists and focus groups to show consumers why it’s important to buy local foods. Join this free directory for small farmers today!