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Full-Top labels will fit on blank 12-egg flat-top paper-pulp, plastic and Styrofoam cartons and measure 2.625"x 10.062". They will also fit on blank 12-egg view style or tint paper-pulp cartons, but will have to wrap from one side to the other side of the top (over the window holes). Printed 2 per page.

Our customized labels are printed on a digital printer.
Labels are shipped separately from cartons and will be delivered to you via the U.S. mail approximately 3-10 business days after your order is placed.
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Customized Professional Egg Carton Label 2.6" x 10" - Red Barn Farm with Black Background Full Top Custom Carton Label Red Barn Black Background

Custom Full Top 10" x 2 58" Labels to personalize 12-egg Flattop Cartons