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The Farmhouse Collection™, Barnyard Hens printed egg carton features a vintage inspired, hand-drawn design with happy hens. Inside the carton, you will find more beautifully hand-drawn hens, foraging and scratching on the inside of the lid!

This carton was designed with YOU in mind! Either keep it blank or create your own custom labels and stamps to add a special touch and personalize your cartons. We have created custom stamps and labels that match this carton! You can shop the entire Farmhouse Collection here. These cartons are perfect for selling at a farmers markets, farm stands, or for simply sharing your farm fresh eggs with family and friends! These sturdy egg crates are made from 100% reclaimed paper and are biodegradable, compostable, recyclable. They even include keep refrigerated and safe handling statements. Your customers and friends will love this carton almost as much as your farm fresh eggs!

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