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Every chicken coop needs a good egg basket. Egg baskets are used in the manual collection of your chickens’ eggs and help them safely and securely make their way from the coop to your kitchen. There are a lot of options out there depending on how you want to care for your chicken eggs. Below, you can find a wide range of egg basket styles, including wire egg baskets and carriers that are great for allowing air circulation over freshly laid eggs. We also offer plastic-coated wire egg baskets for a little extra give when placing eggs.

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Plastic Coated Wire Egg Basket Wire Egg Basket

Plastic Coated Round Wire Egg Basket

Plastic Coated Wire Egg Basket Cone Egg Basket Cone

Plastic Coated Egg Basket Cone

KUHL Plastic Coated Wire Egg Basket Grid Egg Basket Grid (basket not included)

Plastic Coated Egg Basket Grid


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