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Custom Labels for Egg Cartons & Boxes

The Egg Carton Store offers a wide variety of custom and stock labels to help you with selling or gifting your eggs. Whether you operate a business or your hens are your hobby, our egg carton labels help you take your egg presentation to the next level at not-so-next-level prices. Our selection of personalized custom egg carton labels are available in three sizing options: small, medium, and full top.

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Your customized labels will be printed on a professional digital label printer.

Labels are shipped separately from cartons and will be delivered to you via the U.S. mail or FedEx approximately 3-10 business days after your order is placed.

Our small labels are 0.75" high x 4" wide. Small labels
will fit all cartons and are the perfect way to economically customize any of our pre-printed, tinted or blank cartons.

Our medium labels are 2.625" high x 4.5" wide. Large labels are designed to fit blank flat-top paper-pulp, split 6 cartons, plastic and Styrofoam cartons.

Our full top labels are 2.625" high x 10.062" wide. Full top labels are designed to fit the entire top of blank flat-top paper-pulp, plastic and Styrofoam cartons.

Adding custom-printed egg carton labels to your eggs is a great, affordable way to personalize and market your eggs to your customers. These labels are available in a variety of designs and can be customized with the text of your choice. Include your farm's name and other relevant information such as your location, license or phone number, or email address.

If you're searching for egg packaging with egg nutrition labels, please see our selection of pre-printed paper-pulp cartons.

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