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All of our egg cartons at The Egg Carton Store are priced at wholesale. Couple that with FREE shipping, and you have the best egg packaging deal on the web. But do you need to transport, store or wash your eggs as well? We have just the thing for that! Plastic trays and filler flats are just some of the wide and varied selection of poultry supplies, egg processing and egg packaging solutions we offer at The Egg Carton Store!

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4x5 Recycled Paper Pulp Egg Tray Jumbo Cell 20-Egg Paper Pulp Filler Flat

Holds 20 duck, turkey or jumbo chicken eggs

30 Egg Plastic Tray Plastic Egg Tray

Stackable plastic 30-egg tray

Oversized Plastic Egg Tray Oversized Plastic Egg Tray

Holds 30 oversized eggs

Vented 30 Egg Plastic Tray Vented Plastic Egg Tray

Perfect for washing eggs

Turkey / Duck Vented Plastic 20-Egg Tray Turkey / Duck Vented Plastic Tray

Perfect for washing larger eggs


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All of our high quality fiber-molded egg cartons are made from 100% reclaimed fibers from eco-friendly, compostable materials such as recycled newspapers. If you have any questions regarding our egg packaging, please call us at 1-866-333-1132 or email us directly at